275-55-16 M&H drag radial


NO!!...its not a MONTE!!!
I cant believe someone came out with a 275 tire. I wish it was MT, but Im gonna give these a try. Anyone running these on 16" rims? Any pics of em? The 275-55-16 says its a 28"OD tire.The only thing it seems to be not to good is the 8.8 tread width.That 28" OD should be good for top end!! What You guys think?
I've had these for a year now. Traction is good on the street but I've never tried them at the track, so I don't really know their effect on top end speed. I installed them on 10" wide rims (see pictures below)...
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Toofastforyou, That looks VERY nice! Boostmaster,are yours on 16x8s? Are 275 to wide with out rolling the lip or notching? I had 275-50-15 on my stock rims and they would barely rub on a tight corner. That was 15x7. It would seem that extra inch with the 275 would rub, now that I think about it:( . What you guys think?
Where did you get the GNX style wheels in a 10" width? And what are the spes on your front wheel/tire?
Maybe some more pics!
1˚-"BADazzBUICK", the fender lips on my car were already rolled since I'm using slicks at the track.
2˚-"Jeff Peoples", I did have the 10" wide GNX-style wheels made by Jim Lyon at True Design Wheel His work is excellent and he can make them with any specs you ask him for, but you have to supply him with cores (hint: you can use some of the less-desired GTA "rears" as he only uses the center pieces which he reinstalls into new outer rims). As for the front tires/wheels, they are Hankook Optimo's P205-65-16's on 16"x5" wheels (also done at Trudesign Wheel, but I find them a little too narrow appearance-wise...:rolleyes: )

Claude. :smile:
26x10.5x15 MT ET Drags off footbrake at local strip: 1.71 60'
275/55/16 M&H DRs off the T-brake at same strip: 1.73 60'

Our track isn't prepped well at all, it's pretty much on a hill with a bunch of dirt all around and the wind is usually blowing here in NM. They hook great, I've done a few street burnouts with them, been to the track once and maybe 1000 HARD street miles and they look like they have 1/2 tread remaining. FYI: MT just released a 295/50/16 which they say is like a 28x11.5x16.
275-55-16 M&h

wheels are ARE with a back space of 4.75" and .75" spacer. I have Belltech lowering spring. The only problem I have is when hitting a bump hard or a turn into a parking lot with an incline the tire rubs the molding about 6" up from the bottom in the front of the wheel well. Here are some pic. Hope this helps.


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