2800 stall L/U converter VS. 3500 stall L/U

Dec 27, 2005
Hey guys,

I was wondering if I had a 2800 L/U converter & switch to a 3500 stall L/U converter,would my MPH @ a 1/4 mile run be any different?
No other changes made.

I would have the torque conveters L/U switch engaged during 2nd,3rd, & 4th gears.

Dumb question I kinda think ,,, but.

I think I know the answer,but wanted to ask anyways.

What's your combo?

It's not for my combo.

The person switching the converter has a stock cammed engine, 4.3 size, Syclone,2800 stall is not high enough to spool his turbo : a Precission part# PTB300-6165
6165E /.85.
I suggested a smaller A/R on the turbine housing,but N/A for a Sy/Ty housing.
I am just thinking to myself if it really makes a difference in the MPH .
I would expect his 60' to be better and a better ET but the mph will most likely be the same.
The et should improve from having a better 60ft if locking the converter so early doesn't drag the engine down.

The mph should be the same if both converters are locked.