2nd Car of the Epitome's mini series


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May 28, 2001
They must be shipping the second car of the series, because they charged my credit card on Wednesday.

An early Christmas present my wife won't be real happy to see it.

CAR #2 of 3- 1987 Grand National “Molly Designs” Race Edition. Everyone knows the incredible historical contributions Roland “Molly” Sanders made to the Grand National. Molly has personally turned his talents to designing a special Race Edition 1987 Grand National for us. Just 750 to be produced. Release date: December 2005.
Has anyone seen him? I need to return or sell my Molly race edition. I saw I was billed for it but thought I had canceled the remainder of my GMP orders. If anyone wants it I will sell it for what it cost rather than return it for $82.00 shipped.

If Ted sees this.... please contact me so the third car will be canceled. Thanks!
Oh Crap, I need to change my mailing address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on the move--->

they(molly car)are coming ups as we speak :) i cant wait!!!!!!!!! BRING ON MY WE4 :)