3.5"-4" Single exhaust!!

i have a 4" single exhaust. it exits in front of the back tire. the guy i know does many gns in the area and does it in front and behind the back tire. they are called mufflex and can do any thing in any size you want ss or steal and all are mandrel bent if needed.
I have a 4" single I made for my car but it goes under the rear end an out the pass side. I was gonna split it into a 4"-Y an have it come out both sides but went with the single shot look.. I like it very much an love the sound.. BUT I need to get it over the axle as to look more neater..As it is now it just looks reedneck I can see people looking under my car in my rear view mirror @ times an its just funny. Until I imagine them going what a dumb redneck!!! :tongue: I know someone could market a single 4" an it would sell.. Theres actually not much to making one!!!!!!!!! You can search under my history for "Finally got it finished" for the pics..
the dual 2 3/4 system made more power on the dyno than the single 3.5. That was the main reason they were discontinued. the 3.5" was hard to fit, no way a 4" unit could be mass produced to go over the axle. They won't fit half the cars. That would have to made on each car
Most likely, the biggest hurdle would be the type of rear sway bar you are running. It's hard to fit a 3" up and over, with some set ups.
The sway bar has alot to do with it. My 3" would be OK on the street, but at the track it would make contact with the end link bracket ( mounted to the axle ). I also have the HR bar, and have it positioned to give me the most clearance. I know that a 3 1/2" or 4" would be a problem on my car. When I do my 4", I'm not going over the axle unless the pipe is ovaled. Brian