3.5 inch single shot and stand alone computer systems and more


Stage 11 in the work's
3.5 single shot exhaust with muffler this is a custom made unit light weight all aluminum not alumanized will polish up nice no problem. 800.00 these cost 900 to a 1000 here local.

Stand alone computer systems

Classic fast system with wbo2 and wiring 600.00 obo

dfi gen 7 seq unit, laptop, and cables and wiring 650.00 obo

Dfi just box 300.00 obo

Big stuff 3 on car and running complete unit injectors and all can see it on a car and running 800.00 obo

Stage blocks

1 on center stage 2 4.008 bore has 1 sleeve and it is done nice this is a nice block 2000.00

2 on center stage 2 blocks both are fixable which i can have done for someone if they want both need sleeves but one has already had the side repaired 1000 each

Stage 1 off center has 3 front steel caps recently installed 1300.00 needs a repair also but no holes or anything

6 GN wheels 2 of the wheels have drag radials on them 600.00 for all 6 of them

72 pound injectors 200.00 a set and i have 3 sets

42.5 lucas 009 injectors 175 a set

4in cold air intake with filter 100.00

Please pm or text me or call 270-300-8046


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I think it is the gen 2 or 3 i will be pulling it out of the car tomorrow and can let you know for sure
Is the 4" cold air intake with filter still available?

If so, could you please send over pictures of it? I am very interested in it.

Thank you,
Pm sent on 009 injectors and will get the info on the big stuff tomorrow or over the weekend if that is ok. Thanks