342k miles on stock motor!!!


What is the highest miles anybody has gone on a stock, untouched motor?

I just talked to a guy local to me, and will be some work on his typhoon. I knew he had a GN and it had a few miles on it, but today he told me it was up to 342k miles, untouched internals.

Anybody heard of one going further?

He is original owner, so miles are true.
wow that is alot of miles...i've seen many guys on here with over 200k with the stock motor...as long as you change the oil every 3k miles and don't beat the hell out of the car...these motors can last forever...but 342k? holy cow:eek:
not in a ford or dodge

I will probably catch some flack for saying this but if you tune a vehicle every 15K and change the oil every 3K AND ITS A G.M. built before 96 then it will last 300k for sure. most people think up keep is taking it to the garage when it wont run! My 94 5.7L TBI chevy just turned 200k and gets 12.5 miles to the gal in a suburban. My shop serviced a fleet of S10 with4.3 and all had over 300K and they where a rigging service for Iron workers- heavy equipment. never heard of one going 400k but they will,most give up and trade er in.
chevy II, your'e right about "only with a GM". I Have a couple of turbo motors that have almost 200K on the short blocks(cant keep out of boost so they have had a few HG's) and my Roadmaster will hit 200K by the end of the year on the original motor and transmission! and I bet there is another 200K if not more left in it. All of the delivery trucks here at work routinely go over 400K before they are sent to the auction and they use anything from 4.3L V-6's to old style 350SBC and a few of the newer 5.3 V-8's and these are vehicles that have a variaty of different drivers beating the heck out of them too. Too bad Buick doesn't give out those goofy certificate medals like Mercedes and Volvo do to owners that put ungodly miles on their cars.

Eric Fisher
My inlaw's gave me an S-15 with 293K on the odometer. My wife and i drove it a while, sold it to my dad, who drove it a while and he sold it to someone else.
Valve covers never been off and transmission has never been rebuilt.
Father-in-law changed the transmission fluid and filter once at about 60K miles.

Mike M.