35 shot on a PT-54?


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Aug 7, 2001
i have heard that when you use a shot of NOS on top of a turbo car the cooler charge will double the shot to possibly 70. Is this true? How much gain are most of you guys getting with a 35 shot on your turbo cars? My guess would be about .5-.7 in the 1/4. am i close? Thanks for any help.

PT-54, V-4 ic, ATR cam, ATR 3" downpipe w/ full 3" single exhaust, MSD 50's w/ chip, forged pistons, Adj. fuel reg, 3200 stall w/ trans brake;)
I dont know about doubling the shot? When nitrous is used on a turbo car it will spool up your turbo instatly;) That is all I would use nitrous for. Im considering it on my LT1. A nice 100 shot will to the trick