3800 buick fuel injected....engine swap


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Jan 30, 2006
I once drove a 1994 buick regal gran sport.....up until i accidently lost control and semi rolled it....totaled the car. the engine is a Buick 3800 series fuel injected v-6.....only has about 84000 miles on it. can anyone tell me if this sucker will fit into a 2001 chevy cavalier z-24? wanting to kinda make a sleeper out of it. wasnt sure where i should have posted this....but if anyone has any suggestions or anything....let me know. im about to start Parting my buick and taking whats good off of it and selling them
no prob

You can fit anything into anything! I've seen a chevy 350 in a cavalier. You'll need a custom made subframe to mount everything. Not much room for accessories though (AC, Power steering etc).Don't know about the trans. The wiring will be a pain to say the least. But good luck, I'd like to see it when is done. Cool project
Thx for the info....You know have given be an even better thing to try if i can find a 350....but ill have to talk my dad into it about doin the engine swap...he wants to sell the buick and engine together but i want the motor out of it. ill keep it posted on what becomes of it on here....and if the project gets goin with the engine swap...ill be sure to add pix! Now to keep the rubber on the tires.....im hoping ill have all the essentials (power steering and such).
I'm wanting to put a 3800 Series 2 Supercharged engine into my fiance's 96 Z24.

Go to cardomain.com and look up 98 Cavalier and find RAVEN he has pictures of how to put a V6 series 2 into a J-body. Also jbody.org has some info.