3800 Monte motor, Will it take a Pontiac blower question


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A co-worker of mine has been interested in seeing if it were possible to "supercharge" his Monte SS. It has the FWD 3800 motor. Could a Pontiac or Buick blower & manifold be put on his motor? Will it fit or work on a Monte? If so how hard would this be? In a rough thought it seems like it would be a easy task but thats provided everything would work together. Thanks!
what you are thinking of is a "top swap" where everything from the heads up gets swapped to components from an sc 'ed car

heads ( with injector bosses )

lower intake ( no injector bosses unlike non sc engine)

m 90 supercharger

sc motor's throttle body

sc motor 2 belt crank pulley ( runs both accessory & sc belts)

all idler pulleys/tensioners that run on sc application

injectors & fuel rails from sc application

all brackets ,solenoids , vacuum lines ,etc...

pcm tuning for boost and gear ratio

sc wiring harness , or adaptor harness from zzp for conversion

misc.. gaskets, sealants, fasteners ,etc...

what this leaves you with is:

more hp than the sc motor on the stock pulley do to higher compression of the non sc pistons

weaker pistons due to no coating and thinner ring lands - they will survive fine as long as you keep out of kr (TUNE IS CRITICAL)

also the sc trans has a heavy duty differential which can be swapped but needs the hd diff cover also to complete the swap , many have run with stock diff - start using dr's & slicks better upgrade !!

I have sold many partial top swaps - I dont do harnesses, pcm tuning , or gaskets misc... etc.. but can package all the stock engine parts from an sc car for him for $600 shipped and can come up with an hd diff & cover for an extra $150