3in Tigmasters DP.....


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Apr 5, 2007
I hope this is the right section for this post......

I had a few people ask me to keep them posted about the install, fit, and performace of this pipe so instead of repling I figured I'd share with everyone...
the good:
the craftsmanship is excellant!....
no clearance issues at all (my body bushing are fairly new)...
My turbo spools a lot faster!
Sounds bad a$$ when the dump cover is off...
as you can see in the pictures I used very basic cheap hand tools and a set a ramps to do this..

The other:
my old pipe was a mother to get off...if you have a lift or you can get your old test pipe off it should be a snap I had to cut the test pipe in half to get it out..
I had to cut about 1 and 3/4 inches off the DP to make it bolt up correctly to the "y" pipe that goes to mufflers......this could have been a problem with my exhaust.

thats it! took about an hour and a half.......
will know more on the performace end next thursday grudge night!!:cool:

heres a link to the pics......
First 2 pictures are of my security system:eek:

jcawley3/downpipe install - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is very good news to hear.
I guess I'm the one that's responsible for bringing this pipe to market via Tig Masters, as it was my first product idea that I started working on when I went to work for Tig Masters back in Nov of '06.
We made 100% sure that there would be absolutely no clearance issues and that we used the correct hardware. We worked exclusively with Jason at RJC on the newly designed downpipe flange for our downpipes. We used my personal car as a lab rat for fitment and clearance issues. I'm glad that you guys were able to install them without any problems. As of now, there are 8 pipes out there in the public.

Sadly, with the market really slowing down and the demand not being there for the 3" pipes and everyone wanting a 3.5" pipe. :confused: As of Sept 27th, I am no longer with Tig Masters LLC, as I was laid off. Dave has decided to take a new direction with his company. I gave it my best shot tho. It was really impossible too keep afloat with just two products to sell, and nobody buying anything. :( Everything from the price of gas, and an ever shrinking market with the downpipes and intercoolers. Not too mention all the stuff that keeps flooding in from China that's dirt cheap. For those of you who might have caught my rant a couple of weeks ago in the new products request forum, I guess now this explains why this is/was so personal to me. Sorry for the rant, but I worked my ass off to bring this pipe to market. And with competition from 3 other companies who were/are selling 3" pipes as well, you can see my frustration. With regards to the 3.5" pipe, that was a huge mess, just finding a company who could bend it in one piece and not charge $500 per pipe was impossible in the US. Anywho.....

Not too worry tho, I have another job lined up very soon, and I won't be giving up on the Buicks. Actually, if everything goes good, I am planning on heading out to US 41 this weekend for some test and tuning with Sarah.
Just thought I would share.
Thanks for everyones' business who purchased from me while I was at Tig Masters. I appreciate your business.

well, I had no idea Patrick!....again thanks for the pipe!! I'm proud to be 1 of the eight!!! the pipe fits like a glove! love it... thaks again:biggrin:
So, aside from this pipe and the GBodyparts pipe, who else is making these?