As you guys already know, I have been watching the weather reports several times a day. 10pm news, they just showed this. So as of now, we are a GO. I will update this tomorrow. Fingers crossed...
I spent 2 hours last night detailing the car so that rain better not happen until after I get down there
Just watched the Noon weather report, and it still looks good. Weatherman quote " Not a whole lot going on in Houston at 4pm." This is what they showed...

Any rain chances look like they are North of I-10, as you guys know I-59 is Southwest. See that little leg below the "U" in Houston...
David you are likely to hit some rain on the way down, but just hit that car wash like you did last time, and you should be good. I will have my detail kit with me, for anyone who needs it.
We are good to go. I just spoke with Showplace Classics, and they will be there also, for the normal Cruise Night. I'm going to head that way about 3:30pm. Starts at 5pm. See ya'll there!
For those with Instagram, I got a few early pics of the meet. Got caught up and didnt take more as all the vehicles showed up.
Great people, nice cars, attached a few pictures. Thanks to the organizers for putting this together.


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Guys/Gals, got in late last night, and was up early for the Dyno Event. Got home this afternoon, and the power was out for almost 4 hours. I have to go to work, but when I get home, I will post all the pics, and a narrative. As stated above, there were 23 Turbo Regals in attendance, along with many other GBodys, Hotrods. Where else can you see a GNX, 3 Hurst Olds, and 3 TTA's in 1 parking lot.... HERE!
So the Turbo Gods were watching out for us! The weather held off for the 3rd Annual Turbo Buick Meet & Greet, and it was actually a really nice evening. It was awesome catching up with everyone, and meeting some new friends. As usual, I gave out some swag for the 1st 10 TR's that showed up. James Leong is always 1st to show up! He also received an original, uncirculated Ruggles TR Power Secrets book, from the 90's (Thanks Pete Hoffman). A couple of awards were given to Noel Soto, and Kimberly Leigh, for having the "Coolest Cars". Joseph Wilson brought out his AutoRama award winning GN. Also in attendance were a GNX, (3) TTA's, and (3) Hurst Olds. We had a wide variety of TR colors - Black, White, Silver, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Rosewood. Brian Bissonette ( Bison ) even enjoyed some South Texas BBQ! Nice seeing you again, Turbo Brother. Steve Villiancourt ( SteveV )'s plane was delayed in Dallas, but he made it! I presented a commemorative plaque, and some swag for these 2 guys who took time out of their busy schedule to attend this event. Thank You!! We had Male & Female TR owners in attendance. We had guys from San Antonio, San Marcos, and Dallas. The local crew from all over the Houston Metroplex. Jerryl even made the 2 mile trip around the block to attend ( Thanks Turbo Stud, for always supporting me ). 3rd Coast GBodyz of Houston, were in attendance with a nice variety of GBodys, including Monte Carlo, Cutlass, Hurst Olds, GN, T-TYpes, etc ( Thanks Andrew & Tito ). Special Thanks to Showplace Classics ( Kerry & Lavine Kirkley ) for partnering with me on this event, and providing the tunes. For those who missed it... you missed out. Until next year... James-

Here are the pics.