Spoolfool's open house, Turbo Buick swap meet and BBQ. 6 Oct 2019


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Apr 4, 2002
Spoolfool Productions, annual open house, swap meet and BBQ. 8:00 AM until 2:00 ish.

Load up your trunk or a truck with your used Turbo Buick parts to sell. Or, find a deal on something you need. We have a large Parking lot out back of our shop. We'll have easy ups and lots of shade in the shop. This event is free to enter. Ralph and crew will once again be doing their famous tacos. We'll have drinks and ice.

If you need a set of bumper fillers, we will be blowing out all the blem or slightly damaged ones from this year.
Cash deals only.

Feel free to post up in this thread anything you are interested in buying or selling. That way someone may bring it. If you buy something that's too big to get home. You can leave it at my shop for no longer than a week. After that, it gets donated to Turbo Lou and will most likely end up on someone's car. :eek:

This is the weekend of the Huntington Beach air show. There should be lots of things to see over head. Bring a chair and enjoy.

Spoolfool Productions
1794 Monrovia Ave
Costa Mesa, CA. 92627


Happy spooling.
Mike Barnard
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Oh man, hate to miss this... Was such a good time, with some pretty great deals! I was happy to sell a bunch of my stuff, but then turned around and bought that Precision 76mm for the Stage build. lol Post some pics, I am jealous I won't be there.
For Sale:

#1- Edelbrock Carburetor, BRAND NEW In Box, Thunder Series AVS2 1906, 650 CFM Electric Choke- $350

#2. $50 gift card for ARP products- $45

#3. AC/Delco Limited slip axle lubricant additive. #10-4003, $7

I may not make the show due to vacation. PM me if interested and I'll either ship to you or meet up with you for delivery.. I'm in 91789


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I might have a block to bring. Cleaning out my friends garage I found a block that if I am thinking right we pulled it out of the junk yard a dozen years ago or so. I need to pull it out and look at it but I think it is a NA 109 block standard bore; pistons/rods that were next to it in the garage I think came out of it are factory na pieces.
My reservations in Lake Forest are made, car is running like never before!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Who needs a header panel


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I look forward to buying a complete set of bumper fillers on Saturday! Unfortunately I'm not bringing the GN...it hasn't been on the road since 2015 and hasn't had fillers for even longer :cautious: