Spoolfool's open house/ BBQ/ and TB swap meet Oct 21 2017

I will be attending and bringing as many parts as I can fit in my El Camino.
Some of the parts I will bring include:
Mini starter
Door weather strip
Digital dash
Lower door panels
Engine accessory's
Power steering pump
Engine compartment fuel lines
Center console plaque
Dash plaque Grand National emblem
Ash trays
Cigarette lighters
Grill springs
Ac y bracket
Accessory bracket
Factory turbo
Powermaster brake system
Egr block off plate
Power steering res. bracket
Ac lines
Factory intercooler
I have many other parts as well, feel free to ask.


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I’ll be bringing....
60,xxx 200r4 trans with converter if I don’t sell this weekend!
Brand new engine front cover
Qutr windows
HR Parts rear boxed stock length Control arms
Stock Headers with crossover
Stock down pipe
109 Shortblock (maybe)
Some interior pieces T Type
Dash Harners from dash to taillights
Body parts if wanted
Much much more....... years of collecting shit time to go!
Open for Trades! Looking for roller cam kit, intake, whatever is good!
Oh I’ll be bringing Free Beer!
Thanks Guys looking Forward for this.
Looking for burgundy steering wheel in good driver+ condition and burgundy limited upper door panels in good-excellent condition.
What Mike is hosting this???


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I'll be there, but I have to slum it and drive out in my Acura......

Are them there furrin cars ok to bring? :(
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What Mike is hosting this???

I met Mike Row at a Marine Corps party a few years ago. We chatted for about ten minutes over some beers. I asked him where he got that golden TV voice.

His answer, "My Mom". :eek::D

I'd be honored to have him host this event.
Didn't get my parts. No Buick to this event. Hope to make it to the pizza cruise..

See you guys tomorrow

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I'll roll in at about 10AM with a mix of meanchicken coop parts and some First Gen Camaro stuff too.
Full set of 15" OE ralley wheels from my 68 Camaro
Two GN wheels (for John Seleeby )
Unopened can of C16
Miscellaneous parts
Thank you Mike, Ralph and crew!
Had an outstanding time swapping, buying and selling! Great Tacos!
Every event just gets better!

......and YES I left with more than I brought, but it's all good! :)
Thanks Mike for making all this events!
And Ralf for the Tacos!!

It's always good to see all the good old friends!!

And of course meeting new Buick members.
Looks like a awesome turn out sorry I didn’t make it . Them tacos look amazing btw