4.1 block for sale.


doing it for B!!
Sep 21, 2005
i have a 4.1 block for sale also have crank that will need turning.make offers.will trade!
Second the casting #, what other parts for the motor do you have? pistons, pan,rods ,etc? what parts are you interested in?
casting numbers are 25514291 i also have the crank pistons and rods for it,877 crank number and one other number on the block is f082.im lookig for weather stripping for everthing,new only and bumper fillers,im also looking for a set of headers,may take good stock ones also,intake big throttle body big dog house,any parts for a rebuild its a 1987 t type.im located in centreville michigan 49032.thanks
I have some bumper fillers and good set of stock headers. i ll pm you. Any idea what bore the pistons are currently at?
Do you have a outright price for the block,crank, pistons,and rods? also are you interested in a good set of stock headers?
4.1 still for sale!!

yes i still have its stock bore i will sell the block for 150.00 rods with pistons 75.00 and crank 350.00,and will ship but you pay shipping
How much would the block,rods and pistons be shipped to staten island ,ny 10312---no crank, i have a spare.
is there any truck docks around you?like fed ex fright i need to know where the best place to ship its cheeper to send to the truck dock for you to pick up their.
Are you building an NA motor?? Cause you cant use the stock 4.1 pistons with a turbo. I have some STD cheap 4.1 pistons if interested.
Fedex Ground is very close. I didnt know you couldnt use the 4.1 pistons on a turbo motor- guess i wasnt thinking. How much are your pistons and what type are they?