4.1 Production Block Reliability Test!


Can you post pictures of the Sprag failure? I've had this happen too. Pushed the snap ring off and rolled over the elements. I have a trick to keep the stock type 34 element snap ring in place now (TIG Brazing). I'd love to see the new Hughes pieces too.

The snap ring was in place, we do the TIG thing as well? But it did roll over.

The bearing cage behind it was also trashed?

Some guys have gone sprageless which is about a $1000 conversion, and since the Hughes piece was in stock, I needed to get my race car running off the lift ASAP.

Like has been said many times production blocks, 3.8 and 4.1, are weakest in the main web area which showed up in the bolt holes on no. 3 main which were split.