4.1 production block TRW pistons and Turbo rods


Stage 11 in the work's
May 5, 2007
This is a 4.1 production block std bore 3.965 bore casting number is 25506484 has not been bored. Piston's are trw hyper pistons part number H471P 4.005 bore. Piston's are on turbo rod's 763 still have used ring's on them as piston's are used. Would be a cheap setup to play with it is a 14 bolt block I do have a pan also. $400.00 for all or best offer or trade Thank's
Part's that I made trade for

70MM throttlebody and Plenum
Girdle for 3.8
Axels W/C-Clip elimanotors
Injector's bigger than 55#
I live in ky block has been cleaned would like sell all together but may seperate in a couple of day's Thank's