4.1 shortblock 291 block standard bore


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Sep 30, 2013
Have a complete 4.1 shortblock 291 block. Has around 88,000 miles. These motors have turbo cranks. Was going to build it but picked up a complete built motor. Can include extra parts I have laying around at no cost. Heads, rockers, balancer etc. No shipping local pick up only from NY 10705. $700.00 Thanks

75 DAAF1454-11EB-4BC2-A2A8-43FBB2A83FA4.jpegA8BFF294-FC8A-489A-B5DE-AD378946A992.jpeg7BB92425-04B3-4465-BFD0-8EB3CDDE983A.jpeg4D79322E-E767-4249-90CD-F7B8E8985689.jpeg
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