4.1 stroker rotating assembly


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Oct 1, 2001
I have a complete rotating assembly here for anybody that's building a 4.1 production block (8 bolt heads) that wants a 274 cubic inch motor. I bought this crank from Lance Ward 4 years ago and its in the same specs since I bought it off of him. Crank was also checked out by Mike Morran and given the thumbs up before I bought it. Drove this all last year with no issues.
Specs are:
- 3.625 stroke Buick Motorsports Steel Forged crank (wide journal) that is 2.4785 on the mains and 2.2185 journal size (20 under on the mains and 30 under on the rods)
- Carrillo 6.350 rods
- Forged Ross Pistons 4" dia with rings. Speed Pro file fit plasma rings. Compression height on piston is 1.225" Both used for just the summertime last year. No track duty on this set up, just street driving.
I also have a BHJ balancer for internal balance balancer with a double rolling timing chain (timing chain was bought from DLS & used for 2 months with this combo, street duty only) This combo was in a 4.1 block that had a deck height of 9.3875" because the block was O-ringed with approx 9.3 to 1 comp. I ran a Cometic head gasket and used a thick TA intake gaskets with valley pan instead of milling the intake to compensate. On a normal deck height comp would in the area of 8 to 1 to 8.5 to 1 comp

$1700 shipped for the entire setup.



Close ups of the crank journals (had it polished:cool: bling bling)





It can also be used in a StageI and StageII 4.1 block. I would gear this for a production block over a Staged block because the rotating assembly would out live the block.
Minus the slugs, I have this assembly in my Buick now. No complaints, quality stuff, I paid more outright so someone will be getting a good deal here.
Sure, $1700 shipped and its yours:eek: You know i couldn't resist. Thanks for the offer but I am going to keep the kit together unless all parts are spoken for, then i will separate.