4.1L Buick V6 Engine Value?


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Sep 14, 2019
So I've got a 4.1 Buick V6 in my 1980 Chevrolet Monza that the previous owner was intending on building, however I plan on going a different route with the build and swapping in a 5.3 LM7. The casting number on the block is 25506484. The problem is that I am unable to find any 4.1's for sale to base my asking price off of. If anyone knows what these engines are worth, please let me know. The engine is totally stock to my knowledge aside from a Smokey Yunick Weiand 7542 intake manifold.
I would be interested in the valve covers . if the motor has a turbo crank which came stock in them it is worth around 4-500 . that's just my thought some might say more or less
The problem with what you have is the size and weight coupled with location.

The other downside is the block is the only thing worth real money. And maybe the crank if it's both a rolled fillet ''turbo'' crank and in good shape.
and the block isn't the one that's high on the 4.1 list as most want a 291 block
If anyone knows what these engines are worth, please let me know.
If you can verify that the bores are 3.965" and that there is no or very little metal transfer on the block and main caps at the parting line where they meet, you have a $700.00 engine with the more desirable turbo crankshaft.
None of the 4.1's had a "turbp" crank as part of the production asm number. The best 4.1 crank had rolled fillets at the mains only, no rod journals. Production 4.1 blocks (cylinder bores) have the worst bore cylindricity of any of the v6 blocks. They arr not as strong as the 3.8l blocks (production na/ turbo).