400 Buick heads on a 455

I was wondering if you could interchange the smaller heads to raise the compression i know that your going to loose some flow though to cause its a small er head its not ported as big.
As I remember from my V-8 Buick days long ago, the desired iron heads are from 1967 430 cu.in. engines. These were the best for porting and flow when used with Stage I valves.

The Skylark used the 400 cu. in. engine that I believe had the same heads as the 430.

Check the V-8 board as those guys know for sure.:) [Or call TA Performance!]
Stock for Stock here's a best to worst list of the BBB heads.
1 67-68 400 & 430 big port heads
2 400 & 430 regular heads
3 70-71 and even into early 72 455 heads
4 late 72 to 74 455 heads
and throw the 75 and 76 455 heads in the scrap pile...they're worthless, but the 75 and 76 blocks are the best.

Cranks and rods are the same for all years 400-430-455.

All the heads listed above are close to being the same when you start porting. If you want an aftermarket head that looks stock appearing, get the TA Stage 1 aluminums. They're sweet and they cost about the same as a set of ported irons.