5-18 Texas Motor Speedway Autox


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Feb 21, 2007
Hey guys, here is a video from today's autox. This was the first event that I had the full Ride Tech single adjustable coil overs on the car and I had a full autox style alignment and corner balance done to the car as well. All I can say is wow! What a difference in how hard I can push this car now. High speed corners where I would normally have to feather the gas to get through I just went blasting through on the power, and was able to get on the gas a lot earlier than usual. I ended up finishing 2nd behind a Mustang running full auto-x slicks, but I was only 2.5 seconds behind him so it wasn't terrible. I did beat a Fox body Mustang by about 8 seconds though! The car is coming along very nicely, now I need to relearn how to drive the car with the good alignment on it!!


which sway bars are you using? i picked up a set of dse bars before ridetech muscle bars were availible for buicks.
Right now the stock ones, I will be doing the front Muscle Bar at some point and probably the DSE rear.
I run stock 84-85 T Type wheels with BFG Rivals. It's not the best set up and looks a bit goofy but it works rather well!