50# Extender Chip & buzzing WG Solenoid



I was checking out a buddy's car and he has a "Ramchargers" Extender Chip with his MSD 50# injectors. The WG buzzes (loudly, like a vibrating pager on a glass coffee table) all the time as soon as the key is turned on. He says that he was told this is part of the program of the chip and not to worry about it... he's been driving it like this for a while. Seems kinda bizarre to me, and seems potentially hazardous to the WG Solenoid.

Can anyone tell me why this is part of the programming? How is this "good"?

Also, what is it in the solenoid that is making the racket? (I've never cut one apart... yet! :D )
Where you at, Turbo Bob? :)
Extender stuff


There was a small problem with a few extenders last year.

Needless to say it was fixed a long time ago.

If your buddy would like it updated I'd be happy to do it.

Let me know.

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Just working on some Scanmasters for the supercharged GTP and Regal GS's here....

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Solenoid noise

That's the noise the solenoid makes when boost is activated.

You just never hear it with the engine running......

Thanks, TurboBob.

Should he contact Ramchargers and send it back to/through them, or directly to you? If direct, please send a private e-mail with the shipping address.

Thanks again,


Sent you e-mail.

BTW ( since I forgot to ask...) Give me some data on the
MAF and air-filter arrangements of your friends car....

Excellent. Thank you, sir. I'll forward this information on to him & he'll take it from there.