.500" TV boost valve


Broke as hell.........
Is the .500" TV boost valve for 200R4's the same for all or does the BRF have a specific one?

Actually, from the factory, BRF transmissions are built with 0.471" TV boost valves. That was the largest factory boost valve available and considerably larger than run-of-the-mill 200-4R units.

The 0.500", and in some cases, 0.520" are popular aftermarket replacements. These replacements are universal and will fit any 200-4R or 700-R4.

You're right. That was a typo as I was up way past my bedtime. :p I went back and corrected myself, Thanks.

BTW, welcome back to the board! Hope all is well.
Thanks guys. I had a friend(who owns a transmission shop) service it since he owed me a favor or two. While he was changing the fluid and filter he said he could put in a .500 boost valve. I just wanted to make sure that the one he put in would be ok before I drove it much.