#6 Intake Valve sparkling clean compared to rest??


Nov 14, 2011
The engine is out of my car and the heads are off. Last night a friend and I pulled all of the valve springs and checked the spring pressures. We pulled the valves out as we went to check the seats and valves. We did the drivers side 1-3-5 and then psgr 2-4-6. All of the valves were pretty sootey and black - I was running leaded race fuel last fall so maybe that had something to do with it also. Anyway we got to the last cylinder - #6 and the intake valve looked like it just came out of the dishwasher! It was absolutely spotless and sparkling clean. That made me nervous... I've got a Razors single nozzle alky system, and I'm not running a powerplate. I have one but have read mixed reviews on them and also since it goes against my logic it's not on there. But when I saw that valve it made me wonder??? Could too much alcohol be flowing to that cylinder and causing that valve to be that clean? And if that's the case I can't imagine that's a good thing? The nozzle is in the up-pipe I'd guess about 10" ahead of the throttle body spraying toward the back of the engine. Thoughts?
Is the combustion chamber and intake port noticeably cleaner than the others too?
Nozzle needs to spray towards front of the car to mix the alky into the airflow.
I had another look at the plugs and they all looked similar. And the combustion chambers also all looked similar. I will double check the nozzle - I know the elbow faces toward the radiator but I thought the nozzle faced the rear of the car.