6 Polished Centerlines 2 New Slicks, 2 Front Runners, 2 BFG's


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Dec 5, 2004
I am selling my Centerlines AutoDrags if anybody is interested. They wont fit my front brakes. There are a total of 6 wheels. Two 15x8's with G60-15 MH RaceMaster cheater slicks that are almost BRAND NEW, they only have one pass on them. 2 15x3.5's with newer 165's. 2 15x8 with used P275/60r15 BFG Radial TA's that have a little life in them still. These are polish and are in very nice condition. I have the lugnuts also. $800 would rather not ship, I can meet somebody somewhere though. These make the car look very SWEET!!!;) jdpozin@yahoo.com --------Jeremy


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Wow!!!!!!! I love them, just how sweet will they look? Will they make me look better? No really they look great guys this is a great deal. Good luck with the sale bud.;)
Thanks for the kind words!!! I'm going to Michigan for a week so if you need anything while I'm there let me know. Talk to you later Jeremy:D
Sorry guys but the wheels have already sold! Nice to meet ya Tim! -------Jeremy