60-2 (58X)crank trigger wheel with XFI/XIM


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Feb 14, 2002
Thought I would share this project update. I started this project with the hopes to improve the startup characteristics with the XIM and CNP. I designed a trigger wheel and bracket assembly that I mounted on my car but since have a revised design in the works.
To explain my design concept, I wanted to provide a means to time the wheel and set cam sync but also found that I could incorporate some features that would enhance the safety of the wheel. I also took it one step further and considered sensor stability with this setup.

Also special thanks to Lance for being patient and guiding me through this process.

Here are some pictures of the initial design and the new design.


A video of the startup.

I know this isn't the first time a 60-2 wheel been used on a 6 cyl Buick but I think this is the first with XFI/XIM.

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Great work! Very well thought out. Please keep me updated on how it's working.
We are very lucky to have a guy like Lance in the Buick community. Without him, there wouldn't be any Buick Sportsman ECU

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This will be the next phase of the design. This one I specifically made to fit between the damper and BHJ balancer and will require a spacer between the wheel and balancer to take up the void in the balancer so the wheel can sit flat up against the balancer. This one will be tested on Otto's EZ-LS CNP. Hopefully parts will be ordered this week. A special shorter pulley will need to be made to allow this to work.
What are the benefits of having more teeth for the crank sensor to read? Tuning? Better spark control?

Thanks, Cory
What are the benefits of having more teeth for the crank sensor to read? Tuning? Better spark control?

Thanks, Cory

The benefit is better timing control but I was targeting cranking and low rpm issues switching to this wheel.

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