60lb/hr Injector/Chip Combo for Buick/TTA - Flow Matched - SOLD


Aug 2, 2014
Next up tonight, since I sold my GN a few weeks back I went ahead and switched the fuel injectors back to the stock 29lb'rs. As such I now have a mildly used set of the 60lb/hr Siemens Deka injectors (flow matched) and paired chip that I got from Eric over at TurboTweakStore. I probably put around 1000 miles on these over 2 years. They ran perfect when I removed.

The chip is configure for 93 octane and 16-18 lbs boost. I'm selling this all as a set but at the low price of 125.00. This cost me 369.00 new (I think the flow matched set with chip is going for 400 these days).

Bring on the pictures:



FYI I scribbled out the info on the top of the box because I used the box to send the stock injectors to Casper's for cleaning. This is the original box the 60lb injectors came in from TurboTweaksStore.

I only accept payment from Paypal. Shipping is included in the price unless you live somewhere weird. I try to send out via UPS the next day so if you buy tonight they will be in the mail tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday night,

- Mike