6466 DBB PTE Turbo, New Complete FAST Sportsman w/E-Dash , 60lb injectors w/ Alky Chip, New Scanmaster G


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Nov 9, 2009
Brand New Fast Sportsman
Purchased New from Cal and Holly back in fall of 2017' an never installed. NEW Complete kit as received from them includes the XFI Sportsman, long Buick harness adapter, transducer for fuel pressure with 6' harness, E-Dash display. I had Cal make 2 tunes with the setup: Presently the Alky tune is loaded and ready to go on 80 Ib/Hr injectors. 1-Street -94octane/Alky at 25 psi 2-Race -/C16 at 25+ Also including a brand new TR customs version 2 metal Sportsman glove box mount.
$1250 shipped

Precision GEN 2 6466 DBB ,
.85A/R Buick 3 Bolt , Ported S cover , actuator not included. Purchased new last spring from Hartline , 1000 miles street use , wasted gate port carefully opened and polished to 1.125" , great turbo. Hotside sprayed in Goodson HT Grey
$1800 shipped

60lb injectors w/ Alky Chip
Set of flow matched 60's that came out of my car 12/19/19- WD40 for preservation and capped. Originally purchased new from Turbotweak, clean fuel system, 5.7 alky chip
$325 shipped

Brand New Scanmaster G
Brand new and never installed
$245 Shipped

PP friends and family or plus 3%
Couple of New Pictures with the HD gate installed, ready to ship, New price $1750 shipped
Fast Sportsman is SOLD. 60lb injectors, Alky Chip for 60's and NEW Scanmaster G are still available.
What other mods is the chip set up for??
Basics, 6466, 215/220, 3200 stall. It's the boost levels thats critical to match you combo, timing is a constant. Chip should work well on any 109' of the 23-25psi boost level with some fine tuning.