67 bird.... My dads first car...


wana steal it? meet mr9mm
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Dad bought this car in 1970... Still here thought i would share with you all...
Picture #1 was taken in April 1970 at this house with my grandparents in front of the car.
Picture #2 was taken in 1989 at this house :biggrin:
Picture #3 was taken in 2005.... Guess where :D

You ever go to a car show and always here from someone "man i wish i never sold that car!!!" :(
I think my dad is the only person that hasnt said that phrase...



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A few more... gotta run


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That's awesome Bryan. Tell your dad congrats and keep hangin on to it.. Can't tell ya how many I wish I still had!
Thanks Warren-
The car isnt perfect, but gets alot of attention when i take it out of storage...

It should be driven more, but i kinda get scared that someone might t-bone it here in KC, they drive crazy.

Here is a few more.
The car was repainted in 1979 and the interior is 100% original except for the steering wheel.


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Nice car... I always liked the 1st gen F-bodies ('birds and camaros).. My dad had a red with black rally stripes '68 RS/SS Camaro w/ a 327 (his first car) and he always says that phrase when he thinks about that car along with the '69 L88 427 Vette that he sold back in '74 :eek: :(
I swoned over those in 1970....Ended up buying a new Monte Carlo in 1971. Should have bought the firebird and kept it :)