6LE 1987 Grand National 4.8 turbo swap APPEARANCE mods...

Still debating on trying to make the stock gauges work and use this new overlay we're making to make them look more modern (the 145 is in case I can get a local shop I saw to recalibrate it)...


Also here's are rendering for the car...


Hood is getting changed though to clear the intake. It will either be a metal version with a proportionally over sized stock bump (like the first pics of the new GN concept) with metal GNX vents on the side hood lines OR a fiberglass hood with L88 style scoop (made to look more like the new Cadillac) with the same GNX vents.

We're making both and then will decide which to run once on the car.
She's alive! Runs good, motor's healthy. Finishing an oil line, coolant hose, power steering lines and gauges tomm. Then Tuesday she gets towed to have cold side made and hot side finished. Then a tune and A/C lines, then paint for the hood and she's "finished", but then it's spoiler, GNX fender flares and sound system until it's totally complete.
yeah it sounds like the hot side isn't hooked up to the turbo, which is probably good. Don't go dead revving it with the hot side built and the cold side not installed, I hear it's hard on the turbo. Congrats!!!
It may annihilate my v6, but it's a true grand national. And motto burst your bubble, but you must half been doing something wrong to get fed up with the v6. It's not that difficult to do own work, take care of the car, an make sure thing are in tip top shape. Granted people have flukes an things do t go their way but shit. It just ruins the car. It may be an attachment to a legend but I don't care about modern day v8's specifically the LS engine. All the old school cars that was mentioned in a previous post that people swap LS motors into are nothing special. None of those cars have a history like the grand national. They are just plain classics. The grand national something like a yenko, the 440 six pack dodges, the gt500, etc. but you know what, the grand national is better than that. All those 70's muscle were v8's, the turbo regal is a v6. The fact it kept up and beat the v8's was/is something spectacular. And it did it with ease.

Question for you. If I beat you with a turbo'd v6 in your LS swapped regal, honestly what would you say? Guarantee you it would be difficult to swallow. The kills threads show it with all the v8 people who can't even snit defeat. So whatever. At least show some respect and do a swap in a plain Jane regal, not a factory grand national/turbo regal. Respect history.

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you should know this isnt a section for purist who have a hard for the 6.

but man youd really hate me..i flat blacked and ls swapped my GN
^^Lol. I've actually tried to not give the purists a heart attack and have yet to post the video of my original Grand National hood on the waterjet machine getting chopped up, lol.

Intake needs another inch or so of clearance so I'm redesigning the hood. Just remaking the original bump 60% larger over all, open in the back and adding GNX side vents into the hood. We cut it all out on the waterjet so it was perfect and are now shaping the metal.
All of the swap should be finished this week. Possibly even the fab on the side pieces and side exhaust. If so I'll have powdercoated and all (besides stereo and a/c) will be done within two weeks :)

A stock appearing GN with a B16 transplant would get more respect on the street, than the way that thing is "planned" to look in the end.
I admire your balls. Nice build. At least you have the means to do this professionally. Keep suspension in your head, you will need it.

Its your car...do as you will.

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Um...I don't physically admire them. Just thought I'd throw that out there :)

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Ha! I just saw this, lol! Hot side and cold side done. Where do I need to host pics now to post on here? Photobucket isn't working on here for some reason..
Hotside mounting bracket...


Hotside in the trunk of the G8 GXP off to get coated and wrapped...


Hood scoop welded in... UNFORTUNATELY discovered like half an inch of bondo :(



Slowed down due to holidays (business always picks up this time of year) but hoping to have it all coated and wrapped and back on by first week of January. Wheels should be on then (STILL waiting on Fender Flares from Danko, they don't answer the phone, return calls or e-mails so I may be screwed), splitter, side pieces, rear piece and hood finished by then as well. Then it will get dyno tuned, ac lines made, stereo finished and then cruise it for a bit until I can afford paint.