6LE 1987 Grand National 4.8 turbo swap APPEARANCE mods...

Fender flares came in (just taped up right now)...




Also, just for comparison, the driver side still with stock rims and no flares...


Rethinking the GNX vents on the hood now. May try to find a more modern design or just ditch all together. Also thinking about making a grill like this for it...


or this (maybe these hood vents as well)...


I bought it because I like the look inside and out and believed the hype that they were still fast but any street rep the car has left in 1997 when the LS1 came out.

Hehe...I thought Chuck said we had to quit the comedy...:D
I think it looks like the fellow has put in a lot of good work and alot of effort.
Clearly - he's mechanically inclined.
To me - as long as it's a G body - it's all good.

Have you any ideas of curb weight?
No clue on curb weight yet but should be the same if not less due to a lot of weight saving we're doing (old school tricks of just cutting off any excess on any bolts, etc...). Definitely setting it up to be a cross country cruiser though. Shooting for at least 600hp, mid 20's gas mileage, comfy interior, a/c and sound system.

The G-Bodies are just great cars to build a nice boulevard bruiser out of. Can fit five people and as much motor as you want to throw at it...

New pics coming in a few minutes...
Fender flares mounted (well, mounted enough to finish designing our side pieces, I am still debating blending them in), wheels on...






Seriously debating patching the holes for the GNX vents on the hood. Just looks to busy now. Going to research a few different style ideas but if I can't find anything they are gone. The theme with the hood and the rims is the 2014 GNX Concept photos so I'm still seriously considering designing a more modern grille to match it and the rims...

Picked up the hot side from coating today, just got to wrap it and then bolt it all back up and I can driver her out of the shop for dyno tuning :)
How close was the pro flo intake to the hood before you changed the design did it clear the stock version?
Wouldn't clear by a couple inches. My motor sits a little high though, did it that way to clear a/c compressor and not have oil pan issues (hanging too low)...
Love this thread!
I'm just gathering all the info for the LS swap.
Have not bought the motor mounts yet, but figured the 1" setback?
What accessories are you running? You got the A/C compressor to fit!
Great Build!
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All truck accessories but used some bracket to mount the power steering different... Damn I should have kept better track lol!