6X9's or not?



i'm debating wather to put my 6X9's in or to keep the 4X10's. the 6X9's are the step under premiers but they didnt hit as hard in my monte as the 4X10's do now what hsould i do?
whatever sounds best to YOU is what YOU should do. None of us can tell you what u like it to sound like. 6x9's are a (in general) better speaker than 4x10's. but if you like the sound of the 4x10's then why change?
hey mcss383 havnt seen you on the monteboard in a while. anyway, i love the highs the pioners give me but i also need the bass ya know? i think the guy who istaled them didnt know what he was doing
who are u on the Monte board?

I've been there, just not a lot of posting. Haven't been much that i can or felt i needed to add to. lol
oh ok. yeah the only thing there i've been really keepin up on is that Jet Chip....POS one.....I just hate ignorance. lol
people over there have been posting the came stuff over and over and over. "my q-jet sucks" "my car is slow" blah blah blah. i normaly stay in the lounge