70 Gs $$??

Chuck Leeper

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May 28, 2001
Am looking at a 70 GS, 350 engine, auto, a/c, cold air hood/cleaner, yadda, yadda. Still has original spare tire.[So, the owner says.]
Is a yellow color, with blk vinyl top.
Appears to be an original car.

NE 1 have a ballpark on what I should be looking at for an offer? [Considering it's not a bondo bucket, yadda, yadda]
Owner is asking 12K.
He also has 1 w/ a 455 engine, etc. It's not running, but he's got several 455 engines, misc parts, etc, that go with that car.. Maybe 5K??
I have no idea what the engine stuff is worth.:confused:

I'm looking for a driver that doesn't wear out engine hoists!!:D

The BBs bring more money, but 12k for the GS350 in good shape sounds reasonable if it's in the shape you say it is shame it ain't a 455 for 12k.. For a basket case 70 455 GS, 5k is about right and if he's willing to give you the extra 455 1970 motors and trannys that would be a real good deal. A project roller 7-10K. A decent driver 20-30...A top notch GS goes for around 40-50k . A real nice GSX is 50-60. Then the rarer Stage 1 motors or Stage 2 motors brings a little more to the table as they are rarer with the Stage 2 being the most Rare. A basket case GSX is 6-8k. As you know the 455 was rated at 350hp and 510 lbs of torque. The Stage 1 was 360hp and 510 as well. They say Buick underated these BB's and the Stage 1 they was really closer to 410hp?? Good Luck in gettin one them Torque Monsters,
70 is typically the most desirable year for A-bodies period. If you want a GS I happen to have a 72 350 that needs paint and some fairly minor cosmetics, and I'll throw in a 455 and TH400 for $6500/best offer. Tons of pictures available....

I guess it depends on you. I've owned a bunch of '70-72 vintage GS cars over the years and I've always considered GS 350's as posers. Basically they are Skylarks with ram air hoods on them and not much else. If you want to make a clone or have a nice daily driver they are cool. I can't imagine one being worth anything in excess of $8k but I'd have to see pics etc.

Hey Chuck, GS 350 cars make great drivers. If you had pictures that'd make it easier. But, if I were looking for one and it was optioned like the one your looking at, sight unseen, I'd be in the mid 5K range and since you've stated, "its not running" that figure would be cut in half. Good luck.

Thanks all. I've "opted out" on that car, and found a nice 55 Chebby Belair, instead.
I think the owner of the GS got "had" when he bought it. He claims it's a Calif car, and he gave 12K for it.:eek:
Looks as tho that car is in the same league as an NA regal, "posing" as a GN!!:D