73 Charger SE big block


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Feb 28, 2003
Posting for my mother, who has owned this car for 20 years. 400 2 bbl that has probably never been out of the car, 727 auto. Professional repaint done by a guy who restores wing cars for a living. Jambs are all nice but the engine bay could use some detail work as we decided not to pull the engine. Factory colors, interior is mostly original just new carpet and front seat covers and I think we swapped the dash pad. Original window sticker is present and has been laminated. Power windows and floor shift. I think she still has the original dog dish hubcaps and wheels. It's a damn nice car and you can't make one this nice for this kind of money anymore but since dad got his convertible done, this car has mostly just taken up space and mom decided to let it go so someone else can enjoy it.

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Side note: We knew when we fixed it up that the green interior was the biggest detractor from the car as a whole. But it was simply in too good of shape to be changing it up. With what this car is for the money I'm sure it could be changed if so desired. Personally I love the exterior and wouldn't want one in any other color.
And I should note that my mom is the dealer principal at a dodge dealership. It's being advertised through them too so I bet it doesn't last long.