**8 sec TSM Car: For Sale or Trade**


The true 8 Second 109!
May 30, 2001
I am looking to sell or trade my TSM car. If you are planning on racing or building a TSM car, Here is your chance to buy one ready to race cheaper than you can build. This car has been a dependable TSM car for the past 7+ years.

Words you rarely hear from a Turbo Buick : Consistent, Dependable, FAST.

Best ET 8.77 in the 1/4, 5.59 in the 1/8th
Consistent 8.80/5.60
Best MPH 154.65
Consistent 152-153
Mid 1.20 Sixty Foots On Rear Tires

1985 Turbo Regal With Clean Title Registered/Tags Very Streetable
Factory Interior (Dash, Front/Rear Seats, Trim)
Sunroof Operational
Electric Windows/Locks
Convo Pro 15x3.5 Front Wheels
Convo Pro 15x10 Rear Wheels
Hoosier Front Race Tires
Hoosier 275/60 Drag Radials
Notched Rear Frame
Aerospace Components Disc Brakes on all four wheels
Moser Ford 9" Rear Housing
Moser Lightweight Spool
Moser Light weight Aluminum Case
Moser35 Spline Lightweight Axles 5/8" Titanium Studs
Lightweight Aluminum Lug Nuts (Front/Rear)
HRPartsNStuff PRO Adjustable Uppers Rear
HRPartsNStuff Solid Lowers Rear
HRPartsNStuff Anti Roll bar
TRZ Chromoly Upper Front Control Arms
TRZ Chromoly Lower Front Control Arms
QA1 Adjustable Front Shocks
QA1 Adjustable Rear Shocks
Fiberglass Front and Rear Bumpers With Aluminum Supports
Fiberglass Hood
GNS Clear Headlight Covers
10pt Roll Cage, Harness, Extra Bracing, etc
Simpson Parachute

109 Block
RJC Girdle
RJC Deep Oil Pan
3.625 Stroker Rotating Assembly (BA Crank, K1 Rods, Custom JE pistons)
Lightweight BHJ Balancer
Lightweight JW SFI Flywheel
Precision GTQ71 Billet Compressor Wheel Turbo
Ported Champion GN1 Heads
1.65 T&D Shaft Mounted Roller Rockers
Titanium Valve Train Hardware
Comp Race Roller Lifters
Custom Hydrualic Roller Camshaft
Billet Timing Chain
Champion Ported TSM Intake with 70mm TB and PTE Plenum
TA Performance SS Headers
3.5" Downpipe with custom 4" Aluminum Exhaust
TIAL 44mm External Wastegate
Custom Front Mount Air to Air Intercooler
HRPartsNStuff Poly Engine Mounts
Champion Fuel Rails
Champion Alternator Mount
MSD Billet Distributor
Crane HI6 Ignition Box
Crane PS92 Coil
XFI with Internal Logging
Stand Alone XFI Engine Harness
AMS 1000 w/ 2.5lbs CO2 Bottle
Weldon 2035 Fuel Pump
Weldon Filters
12 gal Fuel Cell (for street driving:) )
SS Braided Fuel Lines Throughout
Optima Red Top Battery

JW SFI Bell Housing
All Lightweight Internal Parts Forward, Direct, Etc
High Strength Input Shaft Main Shaft, Etc
Griner 1+2 Aluminum VB with Transbrake (Allows TB To Work In 1st or 2nd)
Deep Aluminum Pan
3.5" PST Aluminum Driveshaft 1350 U Joints
Large B&M Trans Cooler With -6 Braided lines
PTC 9.5 Non Lock Spragless Convertor
B&M Pro Rachet Shifter

Car weighs just over 3300 lbs with me in the drivers seat. Race weight ~3480 lbs.
$30K or best offer. Turn the key and race.


Will Trade for STOCK 86-87 Turbo Regal or GN (+Cash)
One hell of a nice car saw it at bowling green last year . heck of a nice guy owns it also wish I had the dough to purchase that bad axx car all details in order clean great turn key ride Hang on got to have nerve like steel to drive that FAST Buick. Good luck Jason W.
I'm not familiar with the rules or anything with TSM so forgive me if these are astatine questions...How street able is this. I understand its an 8 sec race car with a 12 gal fuel cell but does the trans heat up or anything. Also what fuel does it run.