81 Sport Coupe For Sale


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I have a 81 Sport Coupe Turbo Regal that is kinda for sale. My dillema is I don't have a garage to keep it in any longer, and just don't have the time to play. I would like to look for a fellow Buick fan who would be interested in buying it. The car is two-tone blue and silver and has the following features, T-tops, Sport Rally wheels, sport steering wheel. Total mileage on the car is around 76,000. The body and chassie are solid, no rust to speek of. Interior is in great shape with some fadeing on A and B piller plastic. Engine runs but does need some attention. Runs real good in the rain. I believe the turbo is leaking and is just plain out of tune. I have owned the car since 1994 or 95. It had 74,000 when I bought it. I had in stored in a garage for about 4 of the years I've had it. It was a car I have always been looking for but the time has come to were she deserves better than I can offer right now. She will be a small project to get back to top shape but definately has potential. I am asking $1800.00. The car is located in Waterford Connecticut. Pictures available if you would like to see it.