Glad to be here


Dec 14, 2023
Hey all just posting my intro as I been cruising for a bit and may finally take the leap on a Turbo Buick lol just an 82 Sport Coupe dead stock. Im a mopar man but always liked the turbo buicks
But dont know squat about them outside obvious basics haha so Ill be asking alot of questions... thanks in advance oh and nice looking site
I am addicted to Boost
Welcome, that’s why we’re here too. lol
These Turbo Buicks are a unique breed, alluring enough to get you to dive in before checking the water level.
I saw an ‘84 GN and ordered my ‘86 when the time came. It’s taken me 37 years and a lot of help from this forum to become mediocre.
There’s a Before Black section that may interest you. I’’m sure you’ve found it already, but just in case.

Great to have you here. I was/am a Mopar guy too... But wont go without a Grand National.

My high school car was a GTX, now I have a long term drag racing Dart I built. Loads of other Mopars in-between, and on my 3rd GN. So... Plan on staying around for a while ~ as its all good here.