'83 Regal T-type trunk torsion bars


Hi all,

I'm working on fixing up my '83 Regal T-type. My next job was going to be to replace the trunk torsion bars (the trunk doesn't stay up). I have one of the original bars, and I pulled a set off an '84 4 door Cutlass that I junked, but they don't fit. The "U" end of the bar isn't wide enough. What gives? I need to know what car to pull some bars off that will fit, or what other options I have. Here's a pic of both bars, the narrow gray one is the Cutlass bar, the wider black one is the Buick bar.

4 door bars are different. Any G-body coupe is what you need. Most of the pre-1982's used the gas struts instead of the torsion bars.
One of the original bars is missing and has been since I bought the car. Considering I got it for a song, I can't complain.

Turbofish, thanks, glad to hear it's only a 2dr/4dr thing. I shouldn't have too much trouble finding replacements then.
How does one go about agjusting these things? They have a ton of force on them already. Anyone done this without breaking something or someone?