84/85 and 86/87 used parts

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Mar 10, 2007
I believe these parts fit all years. In addition to what you will see here I have two complete front seats from the 87 along with the back of the rear seat. If you are anywhere near fort Myers Florida and want these let me know right away and they are yours to pick up in Bonita Springs ( 1/2 south of Fort Myers). I will wait a week before selling parts off of them.

In the meantime I will sell any of the parts anyone may wish including all trim and most of the power mechanism. PM me or use phil@zynetonline.com and I will send picks of what they look like.

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Front seat hing covers (L and R) (20319405) black $15 each

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ECM trim cover grey (20319423) $25

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Drivers side kick panel trim grey (20111283) $20

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Air distribution trim (on hump under dash) (10003656) $15

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Wiper motor w/o pump (20521247) $50

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Steel bumper impact absorbers $50/pair

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Used rad hose (88908767) appears solid free with any other purchase

That is all. I do have alternators for both 84/5 and 86/7 along with an AC compressor clutch but I am not sure how to test these. I have a bare bones stock 84/85 intake that I was told has a crack in it but I have not been able to verify this. Could also be other stuff at the bottom of the barrel.

Let wait and see how this goes. I'd rather be lying in the sun soaking up Margaritas!!!!!!!!


  • seat trim reverse.jpg
    seat trim reverse.jpg
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    seat trim.jpg
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  • ECM reverse.jpg
    ECM reverse.jpg
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  • ECM trim.jpg
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  • driver's side kick trim reverse.jpg
    driver's side kick trim reverse.jpg
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  • driver's side kick trim.jpg
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  • under dash heat plenum reverse.jpg
    under dash heat plenum reverse.jpg
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  • bumper impact shocks.jpg
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These are the terms contained in the first post and apply equally here. Happy hunting.

A number of years back I acquired a few tote boxes of 85-87 GN parts. The guy planning on converting an 85 to an 87 gave up. I need room here in Fla. so here we go. All parts are used. All parts are as is. I will provide more photos to any one who wants more. All part numbers come directly from the part itself where visible. All prices are in US dollars. Shipping is extra. I prefer to ship via USPS but will ship via UPS or FedEx if you want. I would like payment by check or USPS money order AFTER you receive and inspect the part. Shipping over $15 USD is to be paid up front. All parts will be surface cleaned before shipping so it could take me a while to ship. You can communicate with me either by pm or send to phil@zynetonline.com

I sold some stuff a few years back and packaging can be challenging. Please be patient after you order.