84-85 engine, every part is up for sale(ta33, ported intake, 36lb blue tops)....


1/4 Mile Freak
Aug 14, 2005
I have an 84 engine that I need to part out. It is complete still in the car. It has had an issue for the past couple years that I cant find the problem, but it is really weak on power. I think the rings might be bad.

It does have a ta33/with te61 center section. Ported intake, 35lb blue tops, new injector harness, newer plug wires, welded up stock headers. The complete motor is here. I need to get it out of there for another engine.

ta33-650.00 plus shipping
Ported intake-45 plus shipping
caspers injector harness-50 plus shipping
36lb blue tops-100 plus shippping
throttle body(does not come with sensors)-40 plus shipping

Have every single part to this motor. let me know what you want, and ill take it off.