87 Performance Engine Part Out, Ported Stock Heads & Intake


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1987 Grand National Engine Part Out.
I don't sell or buy junk and all parts have low miles.

Updated Jan 2023

I'm in northwest Chicago IL, willing to meet up if needed.

Email me for more pics if needed...

I'd like to sell the heads and intake together due to the intake flange being slightly milled to fit perfectly on the heads.

VPE Ported Iron Heads, less then 8k miles on them.
Flow 218cfm@.500 and I found the VPE sheet on them.
Heads come with springs, valves and retainers.
You'll need/want valve seals and assembly.
AES in Elk Grove took them apart, they said $150 to assemble and I can drop off if you want. To just port heads alone is way more let alone get the actual heads.

Ported Stock Intake (VPE flows 282cfm) with 11 nice intake bolts, EGR block of plate.
Porting alone now costs $600 on G Body and I see intakes not ported sell around $300 so this is a steal.

$1800 ported heads and ported intake with extra parts mentioned.

No IC, turbo to intake kit, reducer coupler, 2 t bolt clamps and upper TB pipe with lipped ends and 2 ports for alky. Super fast spooling, was a PIA to redneck this. Hahaha $50

Shipping extra


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Looking like the....
Roller Cam setup
Roller Rockers are gone to a local. If this doesn't pan out I'll email those of you in order of your PMs.
Heads and intake are available but I might save for a local unless someone really needs them and makes the shipping easy or is also local.
Im going to keep looking, hopefully find something somewhat local. If you decide you want to make a deal. Just let me know. I looked into shipping and its not as bad as I thought it would be.
possibly interested in the ported intake (did someone install helicoils & try to paint it black?)... but...i don't want the heads and not local to you
Only selling them as a combo, intake/ heads.
No helicoils that I'm aware of in the heads.
The intake might, I'll inspect the intake when I get it back as they're currently not in my hands for sale. They're getting scanned for future port work for a cnc shop.
Ported Heads (comes with valves and springs) and Ported Intake back in my possession. $1800

Intake Plenum has 4 helicoils, never had an issue tightening down, must've been done without my knowledge by any of the recent shops during the restoration.

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