87 Performance Engine Part Out, Ported Stock Heads & Intake

Would you happen to have stock valve covers to sweeten the deal?
Mines grew legs and disappeared.
Can you send me pics of the intake aswell please
Pics are on page 1

I don't have stock valve covers, these would be worth a bunch I bet and to throw that into this deal would be too sweet honestly.

This is a sweet deal, find someone to port your intake, then price and time to do it. I think you'll be surprised, you'll spend more just to port your intake. Instead buy this, sell your intake and get back $300+. In the end for shipping travel time (3 days) and around $150 difference you got a ported intake.
Intake = SOLD

Other thread in parts section has restoration parts for sale.
Intake showed up today. Honest seller. Fast shipping. Great seller. Thanks again for the great deal.