84 GN - Check Engine Light comes on and idles funny


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Apr 24, 2011
Code 44 Lean Exhaust Ok, So here we go. My first thread. First off I have searched here and googled my problem. I have learned a ton! So my car starts and runs fine, It idles a little rough only because i watch the engine rock left to right. When I come to a stop light for longer than a minute it started Idling roughly and the check engine light will illuminate. It was like this before but ALOT worse. The car would be bucking literally before I did the following changes. So I checked the coil pack by removing the boot and seeing how the engine reacted. All terminals work correctly. I had good plugs and wires. I changed my stock MAF to remanufactured stock. I changed the IAC. Changed the EGR Valve. Changed fuel filter. Oh and by the way One day a long time ago I saw alot of Gas under the Fuel Vapor Canister and Didn't Know how it got there? So I'm thinking maybe that's part of the problem? I changed my vacuum block gasket. A couple new vacuum lines. Then the car sat because I didn't have any money and still couldn't figure the problem out. It even Made me post it on Craigslist once or twice trying to sell my problem. Then being bored one day I decided to finally register here so I could search the forums for past threads on this subject. I learned alot and it led me to believe my problem was Vacuum! So last weekend I snatch a few pieces of vacuum lines and took em to Advance Auto parts and matched em up and bought them and took them home. I put em all on except the one to the back of the intake and the ones to the FPR, EGR VAlve, Diagnostic switch, eLEC vAC rEG, And wastegate solenoid. Either way It Made a HUGE difference. Also, My friend sprayed starting fluid on my turbo and Man It started running fine for a few seconds! I think the rubber gasket between the turbo and compressor is bad! So I will be putting on the rest of the vacuum lines this weekend and checking it again at red lights. Then I will pull my turbo off and send it to Tim's Turbos in Falls Church VA to be rebuilt. By the way any suggestions on rebuilding my turbo? I would love to upgrade to TA33 but dont think if would be a smart decision since it's not running prefect yet. So please Guys Help a Youngster out! Thanks in Advance! I hope I have provided enough info about my situation and questions to help further diagnose my issue are welcome. oh I also bought a walbro fuel pump from GBODYparts.com but did not get the hotwire kit, I will be doing that soon as well. Also when I change my turbo I will change all my exhaust gaskets too.

Code 44- Oxygen sensor lean- Typical causes-Bad o2 sensor, wires, vacuum leak, exhaust leak, wrong chip, fuel pressure too low. Brad
Thanks Brad, now will having a walbro fuel pump without the hotwire kit installed do this?
Also since I found a leak in my turbo gasket, that qualifies as an exhaust leak and would also do this right?
Thanks again bro