85' BLOCK F/S .20 over only.

scot w.

Feb 19, 2005
Iv'e got a .20 over 1985 block with the turbo oil return line tapped into the block like the 87, so this one is all set up for the conversion... this is in great condition for sale if anyone is interested please feel free to shoot me some offers.... (on just the block) also iv'e got almost everything for it... 87- INTAKE, PLENUM, TB, HEADS, OIL-PAN, PISTONS, RODS, PUSH-RODS, WATER-PUMP, HIGH VOLUME FRONT COVER, and more i'm sure i'm missing.... $600.00 TAKES EVERYTHING I HAVE.. the intake and plenum have just been freashly painted ( metalic silver ) and it was never installed, looks beautifull.. Thanks, Scot w.