85 gn parts car


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parting out complete 85 gn as of now whole car is there email for needs first come first serve zipp45@hotmail.com pics availible


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I don't have a paypal account 25 is correct like I said only rust is both sides of roof and one spot on 1/4 panel by trunk pm my email addy zipp45@hotmail.com and I'll give you my ph number

Are we talking about the same part? I need the interior gray plastic a-pillar cover on the drivers side if it doesn't have extra holes drilled in it.
in what world is it ok to smoke crack? that console nice? are you kidding me?
$150 plus shipping? what? That console looks like someone took a dump on it and then rubbed theyre ass cheeks on it. According to your picture.

NO thank you i will pass
ok here is what i dont get you say "oh its for you, $25" You dont know me so how does it go from $150 down to $25. sorry dude but thats shady. Why dont you PM me your phone number and we can talk about price.