85 gn parts car

How do you cut off $125 for somebody you dont even know. dude i got money i can pay to get ride of you, but dont insult me by thinking you can trade me cow manure for gold. Its just not happening. You came to the wrong website to try to scam people. Im sorry but im calling bull**** on your whole parade.

It also seems like your trying to really get ride of this car and get it to the crusher, all your 16 posts are all about this car, first you say you didnt have time to part it out and tried to get rid of the whole car. Now you are parting it out. If you got a bill of sale from the origional owner you would be able to get the title.


If the guy you got it from was the "origional owner" that lost interest. You would be able to obtain a new title from the DMV with that "bill of sale" that you have.
first off your an ******* ............................you thing every gn is gold there not most of them are hammered to dog**** at 1500 NOBODY HAS JUMPED WHY IS THAT if you read my post does it say anything about the origional owner?NO ....I got it off the second owner who lost the title from the first owner ,who I don't have his name ok sorry all you gn owners think your buarks are worth a million bucks but cry about a 150 console sorry I even got on this site thought I was helping some gn owners out WOW what a mistake this was PLEASE NOBODY ASK FOR ANY MORE PARTS ,I will take your advise and take this piece of **** to the crusher and **** all you dickhead grand bashinal owners see ya
I dont even know what to say to that. Like seriously what gives you the right to ask for $150 for garbage?

I just find it a little strange that on Wednesday, september 17th, SGrim posted about auto theft in SOUTH florida talking about a theft over the weekend

On Sunday,september 21st, you sign up only to make a post about a car you recieved from someone.

Every post from you since has been about getting rid of that car from SOUTH FLORIDA.
I called you out, and you also talked to the oppriate authority about me on this message board so you obviously know your way around on the board. You also know what the going price for a console in "nice" condition. So asking $150 for your peice of garbage. You know anyone in thier right mind wouldnt pay that. No suckers here on this board. Go peddel your crap elsewhere. Im not loosing sleep tonight. Im just looking out for the great board members here with morals, and myself

Sorry if i upset you but i call it as i see it.
Looks like he's in Port Saint Lucie, or Miramar area... His phone number was really easy to locate on the internet. Hopefully this isn't stolen, but if it is, I hope the owner gets the car back. It sounds fishy.