85 xjs jaguar chevy powered and awesome looking..trade for gn


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im not that good of a typer so look at my ad i typed in the non buick cars for sell...its a steal do it.....id rather sell this car,because of no room..but if you have a gn or tta and want fast with class part 2+ im up for a trade if your car is worth around 10k..let me know...this car has not been babied,and was built for that purpose,but drives like no other car..it runs like new,and its very fast and the wife will love it gauranteed.....its steals the show at car shows too...


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this conversion was done over 10 years ago 2 years after i got the car with 40k on it and mint inside and out now still only shows 60k..less than 1k ago the motor was pulled to freshen up over a malfunction with the nos along with another new tranny(700r4) with a new 3500 stall that interchanges with the 2004r gn trannys..the motor was tightened up with speedpro forged pistons and a steel crank and dart angle heads,and the biggest hydrolic comp cam i could get to work with this 327 stroked to a 350.decked line honed,dart intake and a 750 double pumper..this thing runs perfect and would drive to any state easy...no smoke,no missing,nothing wrong at ALL with this motor.. the nos plate was never put back on yet,but still has the wires and the botton and the line there...it has a dana posi independent rear end with 308 gears and if someone can tell me how to post a video ill show you this thing smoking both the tires all the way down my street and this thing sounds mean!!!it has flowmasters and 2-1/2 all the way back along with custom built headers..the inside is all newly done and very nice and was show untill the dash grew 2 cracks..the paint was awesome till it grew some bubbles about 5 of them..the stereo is still show and slams with capas and mmats amps and 2 12 inch dvc..cd and adjustable keenwood crossover/eq..alpine alarm..all lights and blinkers work..no a/c,no wipers...the spoilers were 1500 and the headlights were 1000..,it just was at super chevy show and ran 13.6 spinning all the way till the end of 2nd :) just having fun...7k or trade a tta or gn..nothing else and its just because the wife wants the money,but she likes my gn..so ill find room for one i guess,but cash is best and a steal...


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