86-87 109 parts


Apr 25, 2003

i have a rebuilt 86-87 motor that i had done earlier this year. it is a stock rebuilt with a reed cam m2886-4h260-tm252h-10a1. the cam was used but looks in great shape. the motor is .40 over. the motor is put almost together except for the some small parts on the outside of the motor. will sell a complete motor or everything to swap over a hot-air car. $1000.00 for the motor or $1500.00 for everything to convert over a hot-air car.

i have a 86 long block stock bore. $400.00

and a brf transmission dont know alot about the trans. it has a aftermarket convertor. it is 9 1/2 in diameter. $300.00

would like everything to be picked up but could meet