86-87 intake manifold question


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Oct 15, 2012
Hey guys,anyone know if the lower intake manifold is the same from the front wheel drive cars, say like an 86 buick century with a non turbo 3.8? there are alot of similarities but the upper plenum and throttle body definitely look different. also the thermostat housing comes out sideways,but I just need the lower section. I made a hasty bid on ebay item#200830791588 thinking it was the right one and after I won the auction I noticed the small differences in the pictures. I have not received item yet but believe I blew it! If it is wrong does anyone have a good used one they wanna sell?
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If you are in need of the int. manifold, you can post in the "parts wanted" section, may get a quicker response. MIKE E had one for sale, but I don't know if he sold it or not.
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