86 GN -nice- needs engine/trans installed. Colorado $4500


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May 26, 2001
1986 Grand National

I'm the second owner and have had the car for about 7 years mostly used as a daily driver until the last year. It has a power moon roof, pw, pl, tilt, etc.

It was repainted 1.5 years ago and looks very nice. It isn't show quality, but very respectable for a driver. The body was stripped to bare metal and worked from there using Dupont products. The emblems are all very nice and it has brand new door & window weatherstripping.

The interior looks respectable, but could use a few things. The rear seat upholstery is brand new from JAX, but the driver's front has a couple small tears and should be redone. The carpet is in great shape. Depending on how nice you want it to look, it could use a new headliner.

The original motor developed a rod knock. So, I purchased a known good 80k mile shortblock that needs to be installed along with an 85k mile transmission. All necessary parts are included. This was a nice running, driving car 6 months ago. All it needs is someone to put the longblock together and reinstall the engine/trans.

Bluetop 36# injectors with several chips.
Hooker catback
AC delete pulley
Fiberglass bumpers
VDO Boost & Caspers knock guages in a dual pillar pod.
Turbolink software (if I can find the original disk) & cable
nearly new Nitto drag radials

It has a clean title ready to be signed over the new owner.
Located ~1/2 hour from Denver, Colorado




so all i would have to do is get my hands on this and install the engine. it will come with all of the items needed to do the install right?
The 80k mile shortblock is assembled. You will need to bolt the heads, intake, etc. on it using the incuded GM gasket set, bolt the trans to it and drop it in. All of the wiring, sensors and accessories are included to make it run. Simply put it back together.
Thanks for your interest everyone :)
There is now a sale pending.
I'll update this message if anything changes.